DUPONT CHEMICAL'S EVIL COVERUP OF C8 (PFOA) POISONING IN PARKERSBURG, WV Dupont has begun to settle lawsuits concerning the toxic substance C8, which was used to manufacture Teflon in the chemical giant's Parkersburg, WV facility. Internal documents discovered during various trials have clearly revealed that the company was well aware of severe health hazards, but covered them up. So far, one federal jury has held DuPont responsible for one citizen's kidney cancer and imposed a $1.6 million payout. Read more in the American Bar Association Journal EPA FINALLY DISCOVERS THAT NEONICOTINOIDS ARE KILLING HONEY BEES EN MASS After mucking about for over a decade, the Environmental Neglection Agency has issued a report blaming the use of neonicotinoids for the mass die of American honeybees. After while, they might do something is Bayer and Syngenta let them.
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