Nov 2015:
A major ecological and humanitarian disaster is unfolding at the Samarco iron mine in Brazil. Two impoundment dams built to contain toxic waste from a massive iron mine burst on Nov 5, burying a village in toxic mud and contaminating rivers on a more or less permanent basis. Cars, trucks, houses and people were swept away by the thick mud, which is contaminated with heavy metals and other mine waste. Crops were wiped out, as well as fish and other wildlife. More than 200 downstream towns were affected. READ THE STORY.
Dec 2015: Silverton, CO's abandoned silver mines leak so many heavy-metal poisons into the Upper Animas River that three out of four trout species have been wiped out. The citizens in the area resisted a federal cleanup because of bad publicity. They would rather die of cancer than hurt tourism. READ THE STORY
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